Since 1979, James J. Maguire has specialized in holistic healing for effective treatment of most health concerns. Although licensed as an acupuncturist, his services have not required any needles since 1990.

Benefits: painless; economical; personal and private; frequently immediate improvement; often more effective and faster results than other therapies or other styles of acupuncture.


"My body functions better than it has in years: no more sugar imbalance, no more yeast. I have lost weight, my adrenals know what to do, and my thinking and emotional state are clearer than they have been in a very long time! I lost 50 pounds! I wasn't there for weight loss. It was there that I learned that balance is the key. It is four years later and I am still 50 pounds lighter. I feel that the regular treatments I received from James are holding strong."
- Lisa M., Colorado Springs

"I had been to doctors, trainers, and physical therapists, but nothing seemed to be helping. After 10 treatments, my knee pain had vanished. While working on my knee, he was also able to fix problems that I didn't even come in for: insomnia, hair loss, and chocolate cravings."
- Adrian C., Colorado Springs

"After one treatment, the nasal congestion decreased. It was amazing. My energy level increased significantly within 30 days. I now wake up ready to meet the day."
- Debbie W., Colorado Springs

"That very day, my shoulder quit hurting, and even now I have 99% full range of motion and almost full strength at any part of the rotation. It has been bothering me for over 5 months. My back is better, my sinuses are almost all good, and I had a good workout today."
- Jim C., Colorado Springs

"I was amazed at the lack of pain...still some inflamation, but the pain was much less, and I did lots of hiking and incredible eagle watching that day. The rest of the week was good, even walking on a huge glacier !!!! I was amazed at the recovery."
- Carol J., Colorado Spring

"I no longer have manics nor depression. I have no memory of living without them until the last few years. It is strange yet most comforting. Did not know I could be 'cured'."
- Claire S., Colorado Springs

"You have been such a help with your gifting in acupuncture and your gentle, kind, and patient spirit."
- Shannon K., Colorado Springs

"Thank you for the treatment you gave me last week. I felt warmth in the area and there has been definite improvement in my back over the course of the week. Many thanks."
- Robin K., Colorado Springs