Holistic Healing: Ancient Medicine Meets Modern Technology

Since 1979, James J. Maguire has specialized in holistic healing for effective treatment of most health concerns. As an acupuncturist he often met many people who were fearful of needles, associating them with hypodermics and sewing needles.

After practicing traditional needle acupuncture for 11 years, in 1990 he decided to specialize in holistic healing services without needles.

The following techniques create a treatment experience that is: painless and relaxing; personal and private with no need to disrobe; often more effective and with faster results than other therapies or other styles of acupuncture.

AcuGraph® Digital Meridian Imaging - computerized graphing that precisely determines the state of your body's energy system. The software produces a report indicating how imbalances in your body's energy are affecting your physical and emotional health. The report also recommends appropriate treatment options.

Laser Acupuncture - application of low power laser light of specific wavelengths to stimulate acupuncture points and produce therapeutic effects similar to traditional acupuncture without the apprehension or discomfort of needles. 

Micro-current Auriculotherapy - mild electronic pulsations to specific reflex points in the ear that have a therapeutic effect on related parts of the body. A study at UCLA Pain Management Center found this technique to be more effective than traditional acupuncture with needles.

Acutonics® Sound Vibration Healing - the unique application of sound vibration from special tuning forks to energy points on the body that support healing. Throughout time, many cultures have used the power of sound to heal.

True Frequency Products grounding frequency technology products to wear for an instant and dramatic increase in strength, balance, energy, and focus. Visit: True Frequency Products.

Cupping and Gwa Sha- light vacuum suction by special glass cups, and gentle rubbing with small implements of various shapes, to move congested blood, lymph, and energy in order to relieve pain and improve function.

EB-Pro Energy Balancing System - the premier cellular cleanse ion therapy treatment to enhance your body's natural detoxification process. Because our bodies absorb toxins from our planet's polluted air, food, and water, detoxification can be an essential factor in the healing process.

Relax® Far Infrared Saunas - the best far infrared saunas on the market for detoxification, relaxation, and healing.

iTOVi Scanner - computer software that scans your body for 273 biomarkers and generates a report indicating appropriate essential oils. 

Essential Oil Technique - gentle application of eight essential oils along the spine, energy pathways of the back, and reflex points of the feet to enhance overall wellness.

Teaching Self Care - empowering you with the skills and knowledge to maintain wellness; including the use of the purest and most potent essential oils extracted from herbs and plants - up to seventy times more powerful than dried herbs.